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The AS2GX and AS4GX series are specially designed for small and medium-sized products of spectacle frames. These models had undergone mass production and long-term testing in market examination. Especially, AS2GX series which are popular salable for 15 years, its be of Mature structure, stable operation, and has been recognized of market and clients,technical specifications are listed as follows:

Vacuum chamber dimensions Ø1250mm * H1000mm
Uniform platable area Ø1000mm * H650mm
Final vacuum 3.0*10-4Pa
Pressure rising rate 0.33Pa/hr(normality)
Cooling water 6ton/hr
Occupied space 4.5*4.0*3.5m3
Vacuum chamber 304 stainless steel of Japan and Korea, double layers and five-year warranty
Pumping system KYKY Molecular pump/Edwards/Leybold magnetic molecular pump+Leybold roughing pump+Roots pump
Vacuum testing Inficond diaphragm gauge+SKY90 compound vacuum gauge
Traffic control Sevenstar Electronics’ 7S-CS200 digital flowmeter/Brooks/MKS/AE
Swivel 上吊装转架或可移出式下转架任选
Cathodic arc 2 groups(6 sets) of 4G-CAE (target material specification 100*40) at most
Magnetron sputtering 2 groups(4 sets) of column or plane at most
Gas ion source 1 set of anode laminar gas ion source
Grid bias power supply AE Pinnacle Plus 10KW/ Huettinger 18KW
Smart source baffle 1 set, prerinsing the target material before coating
Heating system 300 degrees at most, 2 thermocouples for supervision
Cooling water circulation system equipped with Japanese SMC water switch, intelligent control.
Electrical element air switch and contactor switch of Japanese Omron PLC, JST, Schneider, etc.

ProChina vacuum coating machine equipments are designed and manufactured strictly under standard and specification of CE of the EU.
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