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As the use of tools and precision parts is getting complex, standard films are unable to fully meet the requirements of customers in workpiece with higher quality and precision. Thus, in order to leverage the biggest benefit of film, we must focus closely on your potential demand and cooperate to develop the biggest potential of workpiece. ProChina is expecting to know your special needs and requirements. Please tell us the application areas, materials, tool sizes, and your special requirements of your workpiece, so we can help you to customize an exclusive deposition coating!


I want customize!


Technical guarantee of first-class R&D team
A team of experts from coating field with more than a decade of experience in coating R&D, designing to meet a series of non-standard requirements customized by different customers, to realize the professionalization and functionalization of equipments.
Customized service:
To design products according to different requirements of customers, customize the coating, and realize the maximization of customers' interests under the principle of reliability of mission.
Strict node-based management:
In researching and developing coating, the "system node" fine management mode is adopted to meet the requirements of the project schedule of customers to ensure the highest efficiency.
Fully support
● ProChina shares technology and technique for the production of bulk coating.
● ProChina shares correlating techniques for the production of bulk coating.
● ProChina shares the technology for quality inspection and control of coatings
● ProChina provides the cooperative development of specific coating application technique.
● All technologies or components newly adopted or developed will be tested and inspected on the tester thoroughly before being transplanted to the official equipment of the company.