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Door handle manufacturing companies, decorative coating processing companies
● Able to provide turnkey projects, including the pretreatment (cleaning), coating, equipment used in quality inspection, production process and exception handling of Door handle products in various materials (mainly are copper alloys, zinc alloys, plastics).


Solution & Advantage 

They are mainly used in some hardware products of buildings, such as: door and window locks, door hinges, door handles, kitchen hardware, bathroom hardware, lighting hardware and so on. The coated products can show various beautiful effects, elegant and dazzling. And coatings are resistant to abrasion and color fading.
● Harmless material
Conventional surface coating is accompanied by environmental damage and physical harm. PVD technology and coating performance can be applied to various areas that direct contact with humans, such as food and medical fields.
● Protecting appearance
The micron-thick hard coating can effectively protect the appearance of high-end consumer products, and people can use the products for longer time as if they are new.
● More colors for selection
Various combinations of coating processes can be used to produce more colors. Under the conditions of excellent performance, products have more color choices.
● Rich basis material for selection
The coating process can realize the deposition of numerous materials (stainless steel/copper/zinc alloy/titanium/iron, etc.). To   realize the light weight of the workpiece and good mechanical properties at the same time.

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