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One of the advantages recognized by the customers is the good after-sales service of ProChina and it is our solemn commitment to customers and an important way to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises effectively. As for a company pursuing efficient and reliable business networks, high quality spare parts supply and service support is the key to ensure sustainable security. ProChina has complete spare parts stores, professional logistics service platform and all-weather customer service hotline for following up and consulting to ensure the quick response of spare parts service; Professional project management and monitoring, standardized operation process can reduce the waiting time greatly for repairing, replacement and so on, guaranteeing to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent.
Service content
When failure occurs to a equipments of a customer, the customer confirm fault components through ProChina remote support hotline, it will send spare parts for replacement within the agreed time, enabling customers to solve the problem quickly.
● When the parts of equipments need repairing, but the maintaining time is long, the customer can apply to the after-sales service department of ProChina for temporary replacement of parts;
● The company provides temporary replacement parts for free;
● To reduce the inventory pressure of customer spare parts;
● To shorten the downtime of customers.
● For the temporary spares of high value power supply and vacuum pump, the after-sales service agreement can be signed with the supplier for a quick solution.
Service functions and features
1. To respond to the needs for spare parts, saving the waiting time for maintenance personnel, so as to shorten the whole trouble removal time.
2. To provide three types of remote trouble diagnosis (hotline, emails, on-line instruction) and to provide the solutions.
3. According to customer requirements, different response times are divided to meet different service needs of customers from different industries.
Customers are benefited
1. The customers get the most preferential parts quickly, avoiding rushing about for repairing.
2. No need for waiting and at the arrival of parts, they can be replaced for the failed equipment.
3. Response time can be chosen freely, so that customers can master the recovery time more accurately so as to implement business emergency measures correctly.
4. Combining with the advantage of on-site service of the partners, cost-effective service guarantee is provided to customers.