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Magnetron sputtering is an ideal target source for metal evaporation: stable discharging, easy to control deposition rate and even coating. However, in the process of coating through chemical reaction (TiN, TiO2), the reactive gas that passes in will cause the toxicity of the magnetic target surface (chemical reaction), and the evaporation rate will decrease dramatically and other chain reactions, causing instability and uncontrollability of reaction film of magnetron sputtering. In order to solve this problem, ProChina has developed the rectangular gas ion source (GIS).
The advantages of GIS
●Without filament, hollow cathode, thermionic cathode and grid, GIS has no metal sputtering pollution; suitable for any inert and reactive gases, and their mixture;
●Simple in structure, good insulation, long service life, it needs less maintenance;
●The rectangular structure is completely matched with the  size of rectangular magnetron sputtering source and can  distribute gas to the coating area of vacuum chamber evenly;
●In the vacuum space of magnetron sputtering, the ion source can discharge normally. The quantity of air that ion source requires is in line with the working conditions of the magnetron sputtering source;
●The flange of end is sealed, easy to install. The direction of gas distribution can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The application of GIS technology
1. GIMS-TiN (thick TiN film of over 1 micron) coated with Au (alloy) or rose gold (high-end IPG). It can be accomplished by a single furnace at once.
2. GIMS-SS+TiN (thick film), coated with Au (alloy) or rose gold (accomplished by a single furnace at once). Then using part mask to cover TiN layer and gold layer can achieve  double color effect of white and gold;
3. Venting Ar gas for GIS discharging to realize bombard purging of Ar ion, replacing ultrasonic cleaning of electroplated workpiece of sanitary ware. It meets the requirements of environmental sound technology.
4. To conduct ion nombard purging of GIS-Ar to the surface of integrated circuit to strengthen adhesion of metallized film of plastic package.
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