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GISETCH is short for gas ion source etching cleaning technology, which is to use the gaseous ion produced by anode layer ion source (Ar+, H+ or O+). Under the influence of electric field, etching cleaning is conducted on the surface of product. Comparing with the etching cleaning of traditional metal ions (Ti + and Cr +) , it has the following advantages:
1. Without metal ion deposition in etching cleaning process, film surface is highly polished;
2. It is more effective to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the product, and the etching and cleaning is more thorough, and the film-substrate cohesion is better.
3. The energy range is wider, adjustable and controllable.
4. Through special process, it is effective to remove the residual gas in vacuum chamber, improving the coating environment.
Comparing with other ion sources, anode layer ion source has the following advantages:
1. The structure of long strip can cover the whole coating range, and the plasma is evenly distributed.
2. Any gas and mixture can be vented in, such as Ar, H2, O2 and C2H2;
3. Without filament and grid, it is simple in structure and has long service life;
4. The flange of end is installed at front gate, easy to maintain;