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Total maintenance - always a step ahead.
Numerous coating equipments are continuously operated around the world. In the research and development department, coating equipment is constantly being used in different applications every day.
Equipments of ProChina are simple, safe, reliable and durable. If you want technical support, we can provide high quality technical support within the range of services. More customers are benefiting from the comprehensive maintenance services provided by us, and the equipments can maintain stable production for a long time, relieving the customers' worries.
ProChina provides the following comprehensive maintenance services:
● Comprehensive maintenance includes: the replacement of seals of vacuum chamber, cleaning and assembly of all cathode arc target and ion source, inspection and cleaning of electronic control system, maintenance and cleaning of swivel, baffle, heating and cooling system, calibration of vacuum meter and flow meter, basic maintenance of vacuum pump system, etc. Through annual maintenance services, it is basically restored the performance as a new equipment;
● According to the actual situation, the customer can choose to conduct a comprehensive maintenance service every one year or two years, which requires about 5 working days;
● Within 2 years after the delivery of a new equipment, customers can enjoy full maintenance service of "free man-hour coat" once;
● Technical knowledge updating and training
● ProChina’s service hotline can respond to any questions about the system, process or equipment quickly in 7*24 hours.
● ProChina service engineers provide quick response to remote maintenance services, eliminating time and space distance.
● According to customer's requirements, ProChina service engineers will provide complete maintenance according to the time and requirements of customers.
● Spare parts are supplied within 24 hours at home.
● To extend warranty.
● Extend the service life of the equipment
● To reduce the cost of replacing parts.
● To reduce the breakdowns
● To estimate the cost of maintenance in advance
● To reduce downtime