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Spectacle and related ancillary services and processors of decorative coating.
● Cooperating with several well-known domestic manufacturers of spectacle coating (Evgold, Shengde Baolong, etc.), ProChina has provided PVD coating equipment and coating technology.


Solution & Advantage 

The surface processing technology of frames mainly includes vac-ion plating, water electroplating, fuel injection and electrophoresis, etc. The coating by vac-ion plating has larger binding force with the surface of basis material. It has better hardness abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance and the coating has more stable performance. Vac-ion plating is an environmental protective technology, but the disadvantage is that some of the colors are not bright. Thus, numerous frames are produced by a variety of technologies, such as: white IPS is generally treated with vac-ion plating as a base, toning and strengthening hardness, and then oil injection.
The characteristics of the frame ion plating are: small order quantity; complicated coating colors; uneven quality of frame material; complicated frame structures and so on. The coating colors mainly include: black, gun black, light gold, light brown, blue, rose gold, metal white (IPS), etc. The products with white IPS as the base and then injected with oil are most ordered, which are followed by black and gun color, then all kinds of gold, coffee and so on.
The enterprises that process the surface of frames in China are mainly concentrated in the three regions including Shenzhen, Wenzhou and Danyang, among which Shenzhen is reputed for the best quality and technology. In Shenzhen, several enterprises famous for vac-ion plating use our company's equipment, including: Evgold, Shengde Baolong, Fangyuan Qianse, Ruixing Taiye, Guangsheng Hardware, etc. Our company is running over 20 equipments in the spectacle industry. With good performance and service, it has received the unanimous praise from the relevant customers. Our company can provide the most suitable equipment and technology according to the demands of customers.


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