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Magnetron sputtering technology can be used to prepare a decorative film, hard film, corrosion and friction resistant film, superconducting films, magnetic films, optical   film, as well as a variety of film with special functions. It is an efficient method of film deposition, which is widely applied in various industrial fields.
"Sputtering” refers to particles of certain energy (generally Ar+ ions) that bombard surface of solid (target), making the molecules or atoms of solid (target) leave the solid, shooting from the surface and depositing to the plating workpiece. Magnetron sputtering is to establish quadrature field with electric field on the surface of target. Electron is effected by the acceleration of electric field and the constraints of the magnetic field at the same time, and movement locus is formed into cycloid, increasing the collision rate of the electronic, charged particles and gas molecules, increase the ionization rate of the gas and the deposition rate.
Schematic diagram of magnetron sputtering principle.
Comparing with the evaporation technology, magnetron sputtering technology produces higher energy and better film-substrate cohesion. "Magnetron sputtering ion-plating technique" is based on the ordinary magnetron sputtering technology, adding bias to the plated workpiece surface. Under the deflect voltage electric field, metal ions deposit on the surface of workpiece. And the quality of coating and film-substrate cohesion are much better than ordinary magnetron sputtering deposition technology.
The working state of twin target glow
In light of the shape of targets, magnetron sputtering target can be divided into circular, planar and columnar magnetron sputtering targets. Circular targets are mainly employed to scientific researches and a little industrial application. Plane targets and columnar targets are widely used in industry, especially the columnar target. With ultra high utilization rate of and stable working condition, it is used increasingly widely.