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As a domestic supplier of high-end vacuum coating equipment, ProChina has been committed to providing customers with equipments of excellent performance and with leading position in the industry, designing to create more value for customers and partners. It pays attention to the quality of products, technology R&D and after-sales service. In order to provide humanized services and technical support, it has enacted the clauses of service commitments:
Quality equipments
It ensures that equipments comply with the quality, specification, performance and technical specification requirements specified in the contract, and have detailed instructions.
Installation and commissioning of equipments
After the arrival of the equipments, the company will send professionals for on-site installation, debugging and guidance. According to users’ organization and arrangements, the company will be responsible for the accomplishment of installation and debugging, testing, operation and training of equipments and related software, and provide a full range of vacuum coating technology, information and plans.
After-sales service
● From the date of the acceptance of the equipment, you will be provided with a one-year free warranty service!
● Lifelong free technical consultancy and support.
ProChina will address questions, concerns and difficulties related to the operation and production of the equipment by telephone, fax, Internet or Email.
● life-long technical services
It provides all spare parts and components of the equipment timely and on-site maintenance and repair if necessary.
The reporting and treatment process of equipment exception:
If the equipment fails, the maintenance engineer of users’ equipments shall:
● To arrive at the scene immediately, observe and ask the whole process of the failure and abnormal phenomena and other details carefully;
● To notify and describe the situation mentioned above to the engineer or manager responsible for after-sales service by telephone immediately;
● Then leave us an online message or write a report to describe the whole process of failure and the abnormal phenomenon to the company by fax or Email.
● Given that, the related engineers of ProChina will contact customer engineer, guide the diagnosis and detection of the equipment by remote control, then replacing some components or parts, etc probably. More than 90% of failures and problems can be solved quickly and effectively through the methods.
● If the methods fail to solve the problems, ProChina promises to dispatch experienced engineers to site within 24 hours for repairing or maintaining under the written request of the manager of customer equipment maintenance.
Quick response in 7*24 hours
Technical and sales consulting hotline: 010-82924110 to 8008, +86 13241764250 Manager Hu.
After-sales service hotline: 010-82924110 to 8006, +86 13693271390 Manager Hu.