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The reason why we stand out from the competition is that we have mastered all the engineering expertise needed to provide a large turn-key project. ProChina has a strong team and technical ability to recommend a complete turn-key project to customers. We closely follow up the project progress, from coating solution to delivering a equipment of normal operation to customers, including personnel and technical training. Our customers can rely on ProChina engineering services to provide all projects conforming to strict industry standards.
The services we provide are tailored according to the requirements of customers - not only a complete project (from conception, production to market release), but also for individual important steps. Cooperating with qualified, flexible partners, our team creates values for the customer. While shortening the investment circle, we make customers assured with qualified, flexible partners in rigorous working attitude,.
ProChina saves investment and operating costs for you:
● comprehensive professional skill 
● design
● production
● installation
● maintenance
ProChina has been seeking innovative solutions to improve the productivity of customers. Our "product & service" is formulated according to customers’ needs to :
● reduce customers’ operating costs (existing or new projects)
● improve the production capacity and efficiency of coating equipment.
● optimize process
● minimize the influence on the environment.