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To provide the most reliable support for customers at home and abroad, ProChina cares about the maintenance technical training of actual operating and maintaining personnel, so as to make the user assured to buy and use of the coating equipment of ProChina.
ProChina can provide on-site equipment installation and daily maintenance training and technical training for customers.
1. According to the training needs of customers, our technical manager or technical engineer will customize the courses for customers. The customized plan will be implemented after your review.
2. The specific training site is decided by the customers, and ProChina can appoint an instructor to the designated place for training.
3. In the course, the instructors will make additional explanations to the specific problems of the trainees, so as to meet the requirements of them in the actual work.
4. After the training, our instructors can provide follow-up technical support for the trainees.
You can benefit from it:
●To learn the operation procedure according to the actual conditions.
●Trained and motivated staff.
●To work more efficiently
●To reduce the risk of equipment failure due to incorrect operation.