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● Provide a turnkey project, including pre-treatment, coating and post processes on gear cutters, instruments for quality control and inspection, production and exception handling.
● The service life of coated gear cutters has reached the top level in domestic market.


Solution & Advantage 

According to the manufacturing industry progresses, multi-functional compound cutters and high-speed and high-efficiency cutters will become the mainstream of tool development. The materials for cutting tools must be with high-temperature hardness and wear resistance, necessary bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness and good machining capability (cutting, forging and heat treatment, etc.) and low deformation. In order to meet these requirements, PVD will bring more breakthrough to tool industry, to greatly improve cutter performances.
  The benefits can be brought by PVD to mechanical processing:
  1、PVD coatings can increase tool service life 30-200% more, which means reduction of cutting tool consumption, in turn total tool costs; 
  2、Reduce downtime for tool replacement;
  3、Increase processing speed and production efficiency;
  4、Improve cutting conditions, realize dry cutting (or semi-dry cutting) to reduce coolant consumption and waste treatment costs;
  5、Increase re-grinding times of cutters;
  6、Improve machining quality of work-pieces.
ProChina can provide coating solutions for cutting tools such as hobs, millings, drills, end mills, taps and reamers. With coating the cutters can greatly reduce (Built-Up Edge), and reduce friction force, improve wear of tools and machining quality and accuracy. Therefore, in addition to prolonging the service life, the cutting conditions can be upgraded and the manufacturing costs can be reduced.

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● AS710
● AS700
● AS600
● AS500

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