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Upgrading and rebuilding services for equipments
ProChina has a long service cycle for customers. With the development of technology and the changing requirements of coating equipments, ProChina coating system provides hardware and software upgrades, so that our customers always use the most advanced tools.
To customers
We can provide abundant accessory products and selective products, including parts upgrading services, as well as overall upgrading plan including software system.
● Out-of-warranty maintenance and repair of any parts.
● Partial upgrade or modification
● Upgrade of application software
● To enhance configuration
● Comprehensive upgrading and modifying plan designated for large customers
Customer are benefited
● The upgraded spare parts are the original parts of ProChina, which will not cause the degradation of performance or the failure of other parts due to the compatibility problems;
● The original parts are safe and reliable, and the replaced spare parts shall inherit the warranty service of the original parts of ProChina;
● Responsible for relocating parameter data;
● ProChina engineers are dispatched to the site for installation and commissioning so as to ensure the best operation of the equipments;
● All-round services are provided to  enhance the experience customized for customers' equipments;