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The remote service of ProChina is a supplement to the hotline, which enables rapid and accurate remote diagnosis. Our experts can grasp the important information of the equipments immediately. In many cases, there is no need to dispatch technicians to the site, so as to maximize the normal operation of the equipment and minimize the cost of shutdown;
● Real-time diagnosis reduces average maintenance time.
● Determine the optimal performance maintenance time.
● Manage your resources and working plans.
● To provide accurate and quality guarantee to your equipment
The Internet, remote monitoring and diagnostic services connect your equipment to the technical supporting specialists of ProChina, which provide you help in need. With safe and efficient online diagnosis, maintenance, what needs is to start the function of remote fault diagnosis, ProChina will be informed of all technological states of coating equipments of users and guide the user to do some simple maintenance, repair, or to adjust some parameters. It can also objectively understand the fault condition of the user's equipment, making adequate preparations for the arrival of the on-site maintenance, and avoiding taking wrong spare parts and tools.